Thursday, September 13, 2012


Years ago, a crew from ITV came to Toronto to film a documentary about Due South, the Canadian-made "Mountie goes to Chicago" TV series that was - apparently - a huge hit in the UK. I was still writing a daily TV column for the paper-that-can't-be-named, and was asked to join the cast of talking heads eulogizing the show. My recollection was that I did a fairly good job of disguising my complete ambivalence about Due South, and that I made a few cranky comments about my country and our self-image.

I never heard another thing about the show, and assumed that it had disappeared into the UHF ether, but we live in the dawn of the 21st century, which means that everything you ever do in front of a camera will persist. Imagine my surprise to find that someone has put it online (part 1 of 6 above) and that at least a few shards of my unpatriotic bile made it to the small screen. It seems like so long ago. And yes, the camera does add ten pounds...

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